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Policies: Policies

Terms & Conditions

Hair prep

Hair must be clean and detangled to the best of your ability and texture.

Blowdrying is not compulsory it is your personal choice but if so, please ensure you are using heat protector and a low heat to avoid damage. 

Hair must have minimal product. Please DO NOT come with NO product as this is not protective. Avoid gels and curling products just a light moisturiser please.


Please click the 'read more' option on your selected hairstyle as this will explain the following:

  • Additional costs incl. Knotless, hair provided, accessories.

  • Style options incl. Length, colours, bespoke styles.

Small - Medium box styles have an additional fee of £60-£100 for evening slots.  Please book a slot accomadating to the style you want. 

You can purchase gift cards in advance or on the day for someone. Click link below

on arrival

Please arrive no earlier than 10 minutes.

Late fee in place after 15 minutes and automatic cancellation after 25 minute but please communicate throughout to avoid disappointment.

Please bring food & drink with you for long appointments. Lack of can cause scalp sensitivity & low moods overall. 


Company is not allowed. However there are reasons why this may be needed. Please discuss this with me prior to your appointment.


Everything discussed at your appointment is confidential. This is a space and moment for YOU. If you would rather a silent appointment and just sit with your headphones/book this is completely fine. It is important that you feel comfortable but most importantly at peace. I will do my best to accomadate for this. 


Deposits are £20.00-£30.00 depending on the style.

Refunds are non refundable unless I have to cancel your appointment. Refunds can take 3-7 days to be processed. For a instant refund please respond with your bank details and this can be processed within minutes. 

Weekend slots are not available to book online you have to email or DM to book.

Weekend charges: Saturdays & Sundays £40.00-£80.00 depending on style duration.


'Out of hours' charges:

  1. 5:00pm+ slots are an additional £15.00-£50.00

  2. 10:00pm+ slots are an additional £30.00-£100.00

These prices range based on the duration of the style. For example 'Braids (Small | Bum length)' for 10:30pm will be £100.00 additional as this is the most time consuming style on the site.

Whereas 'Braids (Large | Waist length) would be £40.00 as this is not as time consuming and can usually be done within 2.5 hours. 

Please email or use the live chat section on the website to enquire about additional charges before booking if unsure. 


Please discuss any concerns you have prior to your appointment or book a FREE consultation online or via email. Here we can discuss any hopes and fears you have regarding your style or to talk through the process on the day if you are feeling anxious.

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