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I started doing hair in 2015, not because I had a passion for hair to be honest, I was always that girl in school with a messy bun.

I fell in love with my hair during a period of my life where I had recently had a mental breakdown followed by many dark days and I would avoid mirrors constantly because I felt I just looked 'sick' although I know it was all part of the process. I told myself If I cut my hair it would disguise all the pain.

That feeling lasted about an hour after cutting my hair  but it felt like a drug a quick but powerful rush!

Since then I devoted my life to making others as well as myself feel good and empowered through their hair; even more so the protection of the natural hair and how resourceful women of colour are

A true work of art.

I gave up on my hair for years prior because I believed so many myths around natural hair and I never had any representation for my hair growing up so with creating Silone's Range We attack myths, educate and provide a one of a kind hair service.

I battled with mental health since before launching Silone's Range and although it has made life more challenging it has also given me so much joy and confidence that I am capable and so are you. Do not feel discouraged. You are enough and the world is waiting for your creativity.

If 2020 has taught us anything it is that we need to create a safe space for people to feel heard & not alone. If you just want to chat, I am here.

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155 Coldharbour Lane, Flat 2, SE5 9PA

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